The 'Grand Theft Auto V' shed mystery is solved, thanks to Reddit

Rockstar spent five years and $265 million producing the game, but a small shed was what piqued Reddit's curiosity.

When Rockstar Games released a video showcasing some gameplay from Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) this summer, gamers collectively gasped at all the features packed into this vast, open world. Yet while Rockstar spent five years and $265 million producing the game, it was a small shed placed atop the world's tallest mountain that piqued Reddit's curiosity.

The shed can be seen at 0:27 mark in the video. It's also on the upper left of the following image:


Some of the most popular theories surrounding the shed were that it was a safe house or a place to parasail from.

But as it turns out, back in July, a redditor accurately predicted what it really is: an aerial tram stop.

"Wow," littlesteviebrule commented. "I can't believe how many people were making fun of him. He was dead on and no one took him seriously. How can you not tell what he is circling? It looked pretty obvious to me."

JesusVelociraptor's vindication was the second of its kind to happen this past week. On Wednesday, a fan-made map of GTA V's Los Santos was proven correct after the official one was leaked.

The leaks continued Thursday after some gamers posted videos of real gameplay on Instagram and Vine.

GTA V will be released Tuesday.

Photo via Reddit

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