Can you catch all the '90s references in this cover of the 'Pokémon' theme song?

ten second songs pokemon

Screengrab via Ten Second Songs/YouTube

You've never heard the 'Pokémon' theme song quite like this before.

In the midst of Pokémon Go’s popularity, the iconic Pokémon theme song is once again an earworm. And now we can jam to it however we want.

In a pure bout of nostalgia, Anthony Vincent, the mastermind behind Ten Second Songs, chose 20 different late-'90s musicians to imitate as the covered the theme. While we’re sure to jam along to some of the styles he sings, Vincent’s selection just shows how wild and random music in the ’90s could be.

He just wants to be the very best (like no one ever was). And of course he succeeds.
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