Kylie Jenner makes out with PartyNextDoor in steamy 'Come and See Me' video

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Screengrab via PARTYOMO/YouTube (Licensed)

This seems like a pretty solid 'we're dating.'

Ever since her split from Tyga, rumors have been flying that Kylie Jenner is dating Drake protégé PartyNextDoor, and a new music video seems to suggest the rumors are true.

In the video for "Come and See Me," a forlorn Jenner sulks around a mansion in the Los Angeles hills, tapping through her friends' Snapchat stories and applying her Kylie Lip Kit in the mirror. 

It isn't until PartyNextDoor shows up on her patio that things start to get steamy.

While neither Jenner or PartyNextDoor have publicly confirmed or denied their relationship, this seems like a pretty solid "we're dating."

As for the song itself? PartyNextDoor has been a Daily Dot fave for about two years now—this is another moody slow burner.

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