Queen Elizabeth isn't the only politician who knows her way around high-powered guns.

Queen Elizabeth isn't the only politician who knows her way around high-powered guns.

An 8-month old photo of President Barack Obama firing off a shotgun is the latest to get the meme treatment.

Pete Souza, the White House's official photographer, snapped the photo of Obama skeet-shooting while the president was on retreat at Camp David.

The photo has stirred up a bit of criticism among gun supporters, who called it a public relations stunt aimed at winning them over.

"This is what all the gun banners try to do. They try to ingratiate themselves with us," New York Rifle and Pistol Association president Tom King told The New York Post. "You really think this photo is going to make us think Obama is a pro-gun friend of the Second Amendment?" 

The photo found its way to Reddit's r/PhotoshopBattles forum, where it's been remixed more than 50 times. 

Here are some of the best altered images and animations:

Photos via Reddit

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