How Neil Patrick Harris met—and defeated—five ninjas

Neil Patrick Harris
The actor tweeted out clues to an upcoming episode of How I Met Your Mother, and it looks awesome! 

Neil Patrick Harris is more than just a beloved star, dad, fiancé, and cultural touchstone. He is, apparently, a god.

The man can handle five bloodthirsty ninjas single-handed. Wearing a toga.

It all started on Feb. 16, after a quiet dinner out and with a mild-mannered tweet attesting to the fact.

While Harris can always count on his public to retweet his more awesome material (to the tune of 5000+ for the final twitpic, posted last night) he may not have counted on ninja fiskers. But it’s nothing he can’t handle. After all, the man can saddle-break a cheetah, seduce anyone on the planet, and perform laparoscopy, not to mention taking out a few ninjas after dinner.

A few twitpics later, his reputation was restored. It’s not his fault his iPhone didn’t have a fisheye lens big enough to capture all the dangers he faced simultaneously.

According to the producers of How I Met Your Mother, the world will have to tune in March 19 to find out what it’s all about. But we already know what it’s all about: NPH and being awesome.

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