The Morning GIF: Stefon!

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Saturday Night Live's beloved club kid returned to the Weekend Update on Saturday. Now you can friend him on Facebook. 

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Last weekend saw the triumphant return of Stefon, Saturday Night Live’s beloved club kid, to the Weekend Update. And the world rejoiced.

After making his (apparently successful) move on Weekend Update host Seth Meyers, the club kid appears to have gone mainstream, with a Facebook profile Twitter account that boasts 6,266 followers at last count.

Stefon is also, not coincidentally, on Tumblr. Where he has found a spiritual home and needs for nothing.

This “OMG I’m so grateful you Reblogged me!!!1!” set comes from the generally old Hollywood-focused Tumblr TheStarsHaveLostTheirGlitter, which has broken out of its normal James Dean/Kate Winslet rut to feature this club kid fresh out of the alt-emo scene.

The set has 3760 notes, but expect that to grow as people realize they can actually friend Stefon on Facebook. Imagine the gloating points in junior high!




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