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Some clever Tumblr bloggers have merged Lucille Bluth and Mitt Romney. You get to separate fact from fiction.

Lucille Bluth and Mitt Romney apparently have a lot more in common than perfectly-groomed hair.

A new Tumblr titled Lucille and Mitt compares Bluth, the lavish, fictional character from the droll television show Arrested Development with the actual wealthy Republican presidential candidate.

Powered by submissions, the blog superimposes Romney’s quotes and purported thoughts on pictures of Lucille from the short-lived Fox comedy (that now has something of a cult following).

We quickly found two favorites: One of Romney’s infamous “corporations are people!” line placed on a screaming Lucille and the prudish Romney saying “I tasted a beer and tried a cigarette once as a wayward teenager. I never did it again.”

There is also another blog that does just the opposite. Called Mitt and Lucille, this Tumblr superimposes Lucille’s words on pictures of Romney. Looking for approval and pining to win over people, Romney would make the perfect Bluth son.

Now do the chicken dance, Mitt!

arrested development
Arresting development
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