Lindsay Lohan and Katie Couric bond over bullying on Twitter

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When Katie Couric had teenage bullying victim Whitney Kropp on her show, Lohan tweeted about her own experiences being bullied. 

Don’t tell Dina, but Lindsay Lohan may have found a new mother figure in Katie Couric.

Couric spoke with Whitney Kropp, a bullied girl who was picked jokingly by her classmates to be homecoming queen, on Tuesday’s show. A seemingly bored Lohan took to her Twitter account and really related to Kropp’s story; so much so that she tweeted Couric her personal bullying tales.

“@katiecouric I think what you did today on your show for #WhitneyKropp was lovely. It had me crying. I'd love to meet her. #stopbullying,” wrote a sniffling (from the crying) Lohan.

Lohan continued her public therapy session with four tweets telling Couric what it was like being bullied growing up.

“@katicouric I was actually bullied @ my public school when i would leave to film. Whenever I came back... girls & boys would call me names,” she wrote, and added that kids mocked her when they found her dad was in jail.

Lohan confessed to Couric that she had to be homeschooled in the 11th grade because of the bullying. “I stuck it out for a while,” Lohan tweeted.

In her final tweet, Lohan said she could relate to Kropp and appreciates what Couric did for the bullied teen.

But, twist! Couric actually responded to Lohan late Tuesday, after the show.

“@lindsaylohan Whitney really is an inspiration. So glad u caught this ep & r sharing ur experience-helps raise awareness 4 this impt issue!!,” Couric wrote.

Hopefully this is a start of something bigger, like an E! reality show where Couric mentors Lohan and helps her get her career back on track—but we’ll settle for an interview.

Photo via @lindsaylohan/Hashgram

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