Like how Kim Kardashian looked for her wedding? YouTubers are eager to show you how.

Kim Kardashian, the socialite who shot to celebrity status following the release of a sex tape in 2007 and became a reality TV star, had what many described as a “fairy-tale” wedding last Saturday.  

YouTube, the pop-culture pipeline of our time, was equally obsessed with her wedding as mainstream media, with Kardashian-related videos seeing up to 3 million views. (The sex tape, too, got a boost, but that’s not on YouTube.)

Creators of makeup, hair, and style tutorials, a uniquely YouTube phenomenon, have taken to uploading how-to videos for getting Kardashian’s wedding look throughout the week.

Some makeup and hair tutors went all out and wore a veil, like TheSarahSlurpee, or even a wedding-dress getup, like in TmakeupG’s tutorial.

The most popular Kardashian wedding tutorial, with more than 70,000 views, was uploaded on Thursday by UK makeup duo pixiwoo.

Pixiwoo’s 12-minute make-up tutorial makes the whole process look simple given the right tools -- and the British accent is easy on the ears. (YouTube tutorials are as much about personality as they are about beauty education.)

Kim Kardashian has been the subject of makeup tutorials for more than a year. Everyone from 12-year-old Shannon to more professional makeup artists use her as a muse.

No one, thankfully, seems to be trying to get her sex-tape look.

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