Rapper Biz Markie pens National UnFriend Day anthem

“My news feeds was filled up with all her posts, her OMGs and LMFAO,” laments rapper Biz Markie in this Facebook anthem.

Biz Markie has given a status update to his one-hit wonder for the Facebook generation.

As part of Jimmy Kimmel's National UnFriend Day on Thursday, Markie revised his anti-ballad “Just a Friend” in the context of the social network. “You don’t got what I need, so I say we just unfriend,” he sang behind the piano, as out of tune as ever.

A loveable oddball from the golden era of hip-hop—the proto-Tracy Morgan—Markie even busted out his trademark cape and Mozart wig for the occasion. The original video opens with cameos from comedians Paul Scheer, Kaley Cuoco, and Drew Carey, trading punch lines about Facebook friends in the spirit of “yo’ mama” jokes.

While “Just Unfriend” premiered as part of the late night host’s unofficial holiday, it’s really a year-round jam. The Roots drummer Questlove said it best, tweeting “this should be the National Anthem.”

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