Zach Prewitt, YouTube's current king of the supercut, creates a tribute to his own favorite example of the form. 

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Above: One of our favorite supercut artists, Zach Prewitt, pays tribute to his own favorite supercut in a montage set to the Temptations’ “Get Ready.”

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Here's proof your favorite '90s songs were pure nonsense
If you ever struggle to remember the words to your favorite alternative rock singles from the 1990s, that’s probably because there weren’t any. Don’t believe me? Check out this supercut of “vocal hooks” from an era of slackerdom that makes even three-toed sloths look industrious.
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BY MIGUEL CONCEPCION The giant robots in Titanfall drop with authority. Watching these titans come in from the heavens never gets old. They certainly make a statement upon impact, but what really sells it for me is the cracking sound in the atmosphere the second before they land. Whether boarding a behemoth or racking up kill counts on foot, Titanfall is as good as they come. As such, it's the first really compelling reason to pick up an Xbox One.

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