College Humor lays down the (Facebook) law.

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Above: Apropos of a certain recently-debunked Facebook status message, College Humor presents a crash course in “Facebook Law for Idiots.”

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Kids' orchestra slays with Led Zeppelin xylophone covers
That rock and roll exists at all is a testament to artistic rebellion, and when it comes to turning convention on its head, the Louisville Leopard Percussionists are virtually without peers. Who else could translate the heavy metal stylings of Led Zeppelin into a xylophone-and-marimba opus?
Why Netflix binges can be dangerous
There are a lot more dangers to binge-watching TV shows than people let on. Look, we’ve all been there before. One minute, you’re starting a brand new TV show, and the next, you can’t remember what day it is or how many episodes you’ve been through. Anything brighter than a computer or TV screen hurts your eyes. And did you forget to eat anything other than Cheetos? Of course you did, because who needs real food when you’ve got Netflix?
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