Coachella will livestream on YouTube

Coachella 2016 livestream

Screengrab via Coachella/YouTube (CC-BY)

Continue the couch-ella tradition by watching at home.

Forget the sun and sand, you can have the Coachella experience in air conditioning and pillow forts. 

YouTube will host interactive livestreams onto desktops and mobile devices of the first weekend of Coachella starting Friday, straight from Indio, California. No need to dig the perfect festival fashion out of your closet to watch headliners like LCD Soundsystem and Calvin Harris.

The livestream will offer three live channels running simultaneously, plus a video-on-demand hub to see highlights throughout the weekend. You can also set up an interactive schedule for bands you're interested in and the livestream will automatically change between channels. 

As soon as things kick off on Friday, you can watch the YouTube livestream below. Until then, you can relive past performances and set up your watch list.

Channel 1

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Channel 2

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Channel 3

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