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Claire Danes crying
Pinterest user Jessica Hulett is collecting all of the actress' best "Cry Faces" on a new, must-follow pinboard. 

Finally, something valuable is being done on Pinterest. Bridal collections be damned, pinner Jessica Hulett, is embarking on an important journey.

Hulett’s “Claire Danes Cry Face Project” is a small, yet promising, Pinboard collection of actress Claire Danes’ best “Cry Faces.”  Longtime Danes fans (or just those of us who owned Little Women on VHS) are quite familiar with the World Famous Claire Danes Cry Face: scrunched up, quivering chin, eyes from which tears flow effortlessly, a forehead that crumples without a moments notice. You have to experience it to really understand it.

Claire Danes’ TV crying career began with her sobbing her way through “My So-Called Life” — well, not so much sobbing, but  she definitely gave those pre-tear muscles a good workout.


“Claire Danes’ chin quivering so hard that it falls off” GIF by Bobby Finger

She cries in hit films, too: including 1994′s Little Women (she dies from Scarlet Fever), 1996′s Romeo + Juliet (her husband kills himself by accident), 1998′s Les Miserables (submission!), 1999′s Brokedown Palace (she and Kate Beckinsale get stuck in Thai prison)… and the list most definitely goes on.

I like where you’re heading with this, Jessica. We really do need a complete compendium of Claire Danes Cries. And now with GIF technology, we can finally show her tears in new and exciting ways.

Claire Danes Cries in Romeo + Juliet

Not to mention, Danes just won a deserved Emmy for her role in Showtime’s Homeland, which is not only a fantastic television show, but one on which Danes’ character cries pretty much constantly:


GIF by anjelia3

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