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Think you have what it takes to cover the Super Bowl in February for the the self-proclaimed King of Beers? Then this Bud's for you. 

You love drinking beer while watching football. But what if you could get paid to do it at the Super Bowl?

Bud Light is offering its Facebook fans a chance to become the a “hotel correspondent” for Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis. To win, you must submit a 30-second video on the brand’s Facebook page, which currently boasts 2 million fans, and the winner will be decided on the community’s response to your video.

Earlier this week, the NFL and NBC announced that the Super Bowl on Feb. 5 will be "streamed online and to mobile phones” for the first time, an extension of the network’s recent simulcast streaming of “Sunday Night Football.” The move puts NBC at the forefront of creating interactive online content, giving “viewers access to additional camera angles and live statistics,” according to Silicon Filter.

But there won’t be a better viewpoint—outside of Lucas Oil Stadium—than at Bud Light Hotel (which is really just a Hampton Inn). The winner of the contest will receive an unspecified salary, access to parties, and the opportunity conduct interviews on the red carpet.

Currently, there are two featured videos in the mix. One is an overzealous girl who loves dishing about celebrities, and the other is a guy who is treating it like a real career interview. If you think you can top that, then this Bud’s for you.

The deadline to enter is Jan. 20, 2012.

Photo by Rob Warde

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