Angelina Jolie's leg strut is the new planking

When Madonna said "strike a pose," she surely didn't have the actress's inexplicable Oscars move in mind. It's now a Tumblr meme, of course.

Angelina Jolie’s Oscar-worthy right leg might not be eligible for a golden trophy. But it did win something better: its own meme on Tumblr!

Jolie strutted down the red carpet at last night’s Oscars and stuck out her right leg whenever a camera was pointed at her. That alone got the leg its own Twitter account. But now a Tumblr, Angelina Jolie’ing, has popped up, encouraging fans and haters alike to send in photos where they strike her signature pose.

It’s kind of like Tebowing for the Perez Hilton crowd.

The field of submissions vary from Spongebob Squarepants, a sassy cross-dresser, and the Huffington Post’s style writers.

The HuffPovians call it “angelegging,” which is so not what it’s called. It’s Angelina Jolie’ing, people. Read the Tumblr. And seriously, you’re style writers and you wear that?

But we digress. We’ll be practicing our Jolie pose if anyone asks for us.

Angelina Jolie'ing

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