#1DDay is coming. Prepare yourself.

Have you ever wanted to just sit down and watch seven straight hours of One Direction hanging out together and catering to your every whim?

Well, maybe not your every whim, but this is more or less what 1D Day is all about. Announced in a YouTube video today, One Direction have decided to do a seven-hour livestream this November, just hanging out online with you and several million of your best friends. 

And along with a couple of unnamed celebrity guests and some typical boyband shenanigans, fans get to decide what the band will be doing onscreen.

Yes, that’s right: 1D are taking suggestions for seven hours’ worth of livestreamed video, i.e. every Directioner’s dream (almost) come true. The #1DDaySuggestions Twitter hashtag is already lighting up with ideas, mostly involving the band singing old (well, relatively old) 1D B-sides, taking their shirts off, or performing live reenactments of popular fanfiction.

Although, as Tumblr user lightafireinside points out, there’s one major problem:

“how do you expect me to watch a 7 hour 1d livestream on doctor who’s 50th anniversary special premiere?” 

Perhaps 1D can take an hour out of their schedule to watch the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special with the fans? They are a British band, after all.

Screencap via YouTube

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