The 10 best creations from Reddit's Adult Fans of Lego

These Lego creations are clearly for children of all ages. 

Anyone who thinks Legos are just for kids obviously hasn't visited Reddit's Adult Fans of Lego group.

Over the last five months, the group has collected an impressive 3,000 followers, been featured as the subreddit of the day, and has helped raise awareness about a missing Lego fan.

In celebration of the subreddit, r/AFOL, the Daily Dot collected the top 10 user-made creations (also known as “my own creation” or MOC) and submitted posts from around the Web.

1) “TЯOLO-LEGO!” by Ochre Jelly

2) “Gift I made for my parents - their house in LEGO” by bementar

3) “Caterpillar D9 Bulldozer MOC” by copperman

4) “As a way of saying hello, here's a recent space MOC of mine- Whitetip-class Torpedo Bomber” by Jaywaldo

5) “Lego Mini Cooper Mark 1 MOC with 4 speed gearbox and motor (xpost from r/Lego” by simplytwo

6) “T.E.D.D.Y. by [SD]” submitted by midmalcom

7) “Thor and Jörmungandr by brickthing” submitted by getdamonkey

8) “lePhone” submitted by Trabb_

9) “Optimus Prime Ultimate Lego Version by boyzwiththemosttoyz” submitted by getdamonkey

10) “Lamborghini Aventador by .Jake” submitted by albinofig

Photo via Reddit

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