As YouTube continues to expand, so does the site's audience as a growing number of adults over tune in to tutorial videos. 

While long seen as the digital playground of today’s tech-savvy youth, new data shows that the video-sharing site is gaining favor with people over 55. But what exactly is this older demographic doing on the site?

Mostly watching tutorial videos.

The latest video to spread among those 55 and older is a corn-shucking tutorial featuring an elderly gentleman. Complete with banjo music, “Ken” promises to teach you how to shuck corn with “clean ears every time” in two minutes. The video has been viewed more than 2.4 million times.

An official blog post by YouTube analyzed the data for the video: “[U]nlike most viral videos, which have a balanced or young-leaning audience... it’s been popular with viewers 55-64 years old and has been atop the most-viewed list for viewers in the U.S. above the age of 55.”

The statistics for other video food tutorials on YouTube reveal a similar trend.

But is it really that surprising?

YouTube’s video tutorials are educational and usually made for a general audience. While the content produced by “YouTube celebrities” typically caters to young viewers, that’s left a substantial opportunity for those looking to reach a more mature viewership.

YouTubers over the age of 55 are clearly discovering those entertainment possibilities.

A couple months ago, the Clark Retirement Home uploaded a LipDub (that helped some residents reconnect with old loved ones). More recently, a senior actor posted a humorous living will.

It looks like YouTube is starting to grow up.

Photo by s_falcow

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