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Memphis Grizzlies player Quincy Pondexter is making some plans for the offseason.

Picture the scene: You're an NBA player. Your season is over. You're single. What else would you do but try to land a date with your state's beauty queen?

That's exactly what Memphis Grizzlies small forward Quincy Pondexter did. Using Twitter. And he succeeded.

Let's wind back a bit. Pondexter's season ended this week after his team was swept by the San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference Finals. On Wednesday afternoon, Pondexter, 25, asked a simple question.

He made it clear that he was looking for a girlfriend with the Grizzlies' season at a close. A few hours later, Chandler Lawson, the reigning Miss Tennessee and an apparent Grizzlies fan, replied to his plea.

Her handle's @MissTN2012, so she's clearly legit. Pondexter wasted little time in making his move (discounting his inability to Google Lawson's identity).

I guess "Single? Lol" and "Date? Lol" is enough to win a beauty queen's interest when you're one of the top offensive performers on an NBA playoff team and have a $2.2 million salary lined up.

H/T Yahoo | Photo via NBA/YouTube

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