At a colorful brony photoshoot at Otakon, a Baltimore anime and gaming convention, My Little Pony fans showed their true colors. 

Bronies, or adult fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, tend to express their interest through creative outlets. There’s fan art, fanfiction, music, and cosplay—the art of creating costumes to portray favorite characters.

In late July, the Daily Dot caught a glimpse of the latter through a colorful brony photoshoot at Otakon, a Baltimore anime and gaming convention. Check out some of their handmade costumes in our Storify.

Photo by Lauren Rae Orsini

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The changing face of brony fandom
There's nothing shy about John "Derpydash" Leonhart. Clad in a wig and a pony tail, he bounded around the Baltimore Convention Center, looking for others of his kind. At Otakon, an annual convention for anime and gaming fans last month, Leonhart found no shortage of fellow bronies—adult fans of the children’s television program, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
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