Christmas Baby
Tears, beauty, innocence, hope, regret, and dyspepsia: our 2012 in a nutshell.

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It’s over. The Mayan apocalypse and all of the holidays came and went (well, except for Kwanzaa, the annual festival of mocking Sandra Lee, and New Year’s, the annual celebration of liver abuse and bitter regrets), and we’re all still here.

Oh. Yay.

As the last of the holiday turducken or tofurkey grinds it inexorable way through your gastrointestinal system, it’s time to mull over the special moments, both good and bad, that the holiday season has brought.

Because no way will your heartburn let you sleep anyway.

We’re not too sure how you’re doing, but we, particularly once we notice the eggnog is almost gone, are overwhelmed by all the feels at the close of the holidays. This subtly emotive GIF from GIF Movie expresses it better than mere words ever could. Tears, beauty, innocence, hope, regret, and dyspepsia: our 2012 in a nutshell.

GIF via GIFMovie/Tumblr

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