New Twitter feed @_FloridaMan tweets out horrific stories that contain the phrase "Florida Man" in the headline.

Is it a blerg? Is it a pain? No, it's Florida Man, here to regale you with all his tales of the utterly terrible.

New Twitter feed @_FloridaMan, as noted by Slate, tweets out horrific stories that contain the phrase "Florida Man" in the headline. It's a simple but effective idea, and there’s far more material than you’d expect.

Once you delve into the stories linked below, things get downright ugly. However, it's a lot funnier if you imagine it’s the same guy doing all of the following things on his way to winning every Darwin Award ever.

The last one doesn't fit quite as well as the others, and we wish the Twitter feed were around when a Florida man ate another guy's face. Still, worst superhero ever.

Photo via DonkeyHotey/Flickr

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