Dawngate trailer still
Dawngate promises to emphasize extreme freedom of choice in the way players build their characters.

Buried towards the end of Electronic Arts’s E3 press conference was a short video that featured dev commentary about Dawngate, a new addition to the MOBA community

Now you can download the beta version here to play for free, with an EA Origin account. (You can sign up for one here.)

Dawngate promises to emphasize extreme freedom of choice in the way players build their characters, without having to sacrifice their usefulness to a team. The developers also say Dawngate has a focus on story, which is something MOBA games are not known for.

Word about Dawngate’s development broke in May 2013, and EA officially announced the game in April 2014. Developer Waystone Games also announced the opening of a community beta test for the game in April. 

H/T Alpha Beta Gamer |  Screengrab via Waystone Games

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