William Shatner fulfills his dinner promise to lucky Twitter fan

True to his word, the Star Trek treated his one millionth Twitter follower to a dinner and a show in North Carolina. 

Captain Kirk hasn't lost his charm.

To celebrate his 81st birthday, Star Trek actor William Shatner "beamed up" one lucky follower to join him for dinner.

Tuesday night Shatner took his one millionth Twitter follower Troy Pound (@pdoxjr) and his wife out to dinner in North Carolina after his live show.

“As promised, the millionth Twitter [follower]. We’re having dinner,” Shatner says in a grainy YouTube video featuring the couple. “Thank you everybody.”

The whole dinner was set up by Shatner’s wife Elizabeth Martin and Paul Camuso, who runs Shatner’s official website.

For his part, Pound gave a rousing review of Shatner’s performance, tweeting#awesome sauce.”

Pound elaborated on the experience in an email to the Daily Dot:

"To truly describe the dinner, I am at a loss for words. Humbling comes to mind, because of media and the view of how celebrities are portrayed, you expect Overbearing, snobbish and disengaging. But that is not William Shatner, he is a grounded, down to earth person. Who looks and listens when others speak. I was amazed that this man, whom I have known of my entire 35 years of life, could take an interest in someone that (other than social media) he would probably never have contact with ever again. We dined out near the theater in Charlotte, NC. For me it was a restaurant that I probably would never eat again, you would think I would take advantage, but I didn't. We talked life, love and determination. It was like I was talking to my father or grandfather getting the sound advice 'Never Say No to an Opportunity.'"

Photo by Fugue

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