NFL Randy Moss
Being in “freakish shape” wasn’t enough to keep Randy Moss in the NFL

Randy Moss is going to have to put that “freakish” good physique to use doing something other than playing professional footlball.

On Monday, Moss announced his retirement from the NFL after playing for five different teams over 13 years.

The announcement took Twitter by storm as hundreds of people shared their love for Randy “straight cash hommie” Moss.

“To Randy Moss 13yrs Is a Good Number Homie!!!” tweeted Waren Sapp, retired defensive tackle. “Happy Trail NoBody Ran The ‘9’ As Fine!! #SuperFreak

“A shame to see #RandyMoss so close to carer milestones of 1,000 catches (954) and 15,000 yards (14,858),” tweeted Chris Nelson. “Best WR in my lifetime.”

#RandyMoss favorite wide receiver for so long, still got that #Vikes jersey that's all tattered and torn up,” tweeted Blake Raffensparger from Minnesota. “Reppin it today!”

Other people on Twitter could not overlook Moss’ more controversial career moments--marijuana busts, allegations of domestic abuse and quitting on his teams.

“Good riddance,” tweeted D Piddy from Boston. “The whole league just got classier.”

“Hey that weed wasn’t going to smoke itself,” tweeted Cole Lipinski from Minnesota.

In the end, some people just didn’t believe that Moss was ready to hang it up.

“I buy Randy Moss' ‘retirement’ about as much as I bought Favre's first 8 ‘retirements,’” tweeted Indiana radio personality Jerrdog.

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