Who knows what he really means to Tweet? Does it really matter. This senator's Twitter stream will entertain you for minutes on end.

Is 78-year-old Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley the most incompetent Twitter user on Capitol Hill? It certainly seems that way. He recently came to many tweeters’ attention when comedian Rob Delaney posted “Senator @ChuckGrassley is so comically terrible at Twitter it's funnier than your favorite parody account.”

Grassley had recently tweeted three times in short succession, apparently in an effort to contact his grandson Pat, an Iowa State Representative. All three tweets were garbled.

However, Grassley has a long history of grammatically suspect, garbled and typo-laden tweets. Lest anyone think they’re somehow not posted from the senator, his account is verified—though while some staffer doesn’t go and delete his worst ones is anyone’s guess. As Grassley wrote to one user, “I do my own twwets.” They also seem to frequently come from inside his pants: “Oops must hv pocket tweetd last tweet Pls disregard,” he once tweeted.

Below are some of his worst offenses against grammar and context.

Photo from @ChuckGrassley
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