Straight dudes trying Grindr can't believe their eyes

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The hookup app gap is wider than we thought.

Straight men, sitting atop the patriarchal pyramid, rarely have to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. And when it comes to their understanding of queer culture, they may as well be theorizing about well-dressed aliens from the galaxy next door.

That point is repeatedly made in this delightful montage of hetero dudes reacting to the look and feel of Grindr, the location-based dating/hookup app for gay, bisexual, and “curious” guys. Along the way, they’ll learn about some unfamiliar concepts and slang, with most expressing some jealousy about the casual directness of your typical Grindr chat.

Ultimately, of course, these bros would love it if Tinder or OkCupid offered the same kind of zip and transparency as Grindr; alas, even in the digital age, the fairer sex remains a baffling mystery. Still, it’s never too late to slide a few notches over on the Kinsey scale

Photo via Neil McNeil/YouTube

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