Melania Trump posted a 'Merry Christmas' selfie in a Santa hat filter


Melania Trump’s Santa selfie gets shredded on Twitter

No one wanted to deck the halls with the first lady.


Samantha Grasso


In the words of Buddy the Elf, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is… posting on social media for all to jeer.

OK, not quite, but First Lady Melania Trump‘s Santa selfie surely followed the modified adage.

On the Christmas morning, Trump posted a selfie through a smart filter that changed the appearance of her eyes, gave her a Santa hat with knitted deer and snowflake patterns, and a halo of mystical, glowing prancing deer around her.

Despite the first lady’s intention to lead the day’s festivities with a cheerful photo, the comments on her selfie quickly turned into a debate of who exactly gets to have a “merry” Christmas.

Critics found Trump’s photo, filter, and duck face, etc., to be classless, questioning how this was acceptable communication from the White House.

At least her official White House portrait and greeting with her husband President Donald Trump evoked a bit more of a “winter wonderland.”

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