Need to escape the cooking hustle and bustle or heated family argument brewing in your house? Watch these videos instead.

Epic Meal Time, a cooking show featuring manly men eating unhealthy amounts of fat and bacon, filmed a Thanksgiving episode of equally manly proportions.The episode includes cameos by YouTube celebrities Harto (of the Drunk Kitchen cooking series) and Jenna Marbles.

Big Sean, the Fray, Karmin, J. Cole, Angels & Airwaves, Pia Toscano, Mary J. Blige, and Awolnation discussed their favorite and least favorite Thanksgiving dishes in a "VEVO news: Happy Thanksgiving" segment.

Comedian Dom Mazzetti goes off on why Thanksgiving is important, for primarily selfish reasons.

Safeway Inc released a viral ad campaign in the form of a mockumentary about catching unusually fast turkeys.

Next Media Animation TV, the Taiwanese company known for mock-reporting American news, uploaded a segment on its interpretation of the holiday and the perceived cost.

The official YouTube Trends blog put together three videos of Turkey attacks this year, including one of a little girl baiting a turkey.

The Action Figure Therapy channel, whose shtick is expletives yelled by an action figure, released a "Happy Thanksgiving" episode of things the character’s thankful for.

Wondershare took a more serious turn with their video of things to be thankful for, including scientists, explorers, historical figures, and Steve Jobs.

YouTube celebrity Ryan Higa uploaded a short sketch titled “Things That Ruin Thanksgiving.”  

FPS Russia, primarily a gun-showcasing channel, even got into the Thanksgiving spirit with his video "The Thanksgiving Massacre!" He shoots turkey and deer dummies, saying in a mock Russian accent, "We're putting  food on the table for our families."

If the thought of Black Friday is too stressful (and you don’t own any guns), there’s a new holiday, called “Friends-giving.” Friends-giving takes place the day after Thanksgiving, and you gather with your friends and share leftovers.

Photo by Emily Walker