The cesspool of comments for which YouTube is notorious aren’t just taking over the website. They’re crawling out into real life.

The company’s move to link commenters with their Google+ profiles has effectively backfired. The hateful messages haven’t quieted—if anything, they’ve just gotten troll-ier, possibly in an effort to spite YouTube.

Conan O’Brien’s writing team had a bright idea: If the haters aren’t welcome on YouTube, where will they go? How about to a taping of his show?

The typical commenters you see on almost every video, no matter the topic, all went to the set of Conan last night with one goal in mind: to have their voices heard, even if that meant interrupting the host.

The more sexist and racist commenters stayed at home for this one, but it was already more than enough for one person to handle. And O’Brien couldn’t even moderate or block them.

But he does have one advantage. He could call security.

Photo via Team Coco/YouTube