Once a popular meme on Reddit, Bear Grylls totally redeemed himself in the social news site's annual holiday gift exhange. 

The best part of a Reddit gift exchange is that, in such an enormous community, you never know who you’ll be paired up with—or what gift you’ll receive. It could be a brand new laptop or a serenade from Jimmy Fallon.

For redditor Iowan, it was a personal message and gift from Bear Grylls. The star of Man vs. Wild gifted her with his DVDs, a survival kit, and a DVD labeled “PLAY ME.”

“Hi Lindsay, it’s Bear Grylls, and just saying congratulations on winning the Reddit Secret Santa,” Grylls told her in a recorded message on the DVD.

Lindsay, who is a hunting and fishing enthusiast, was thrilled to hear from the adventurer and survival expert. As it turns out, she was already a big fan: The “gaily married” redditor said that her autographed poster of Grylls was “the first picture of a dude” she’d ever put up on the wall.

In her blog post on redditgifts, she invited Grylls to go hunting with her family this January.

“I feel like I’ve just won the lottery. I hunt all through the fall and winter and fish for most of the year, so it’s quite possible that I will end up in a situation where the survival gear and survival skills I’m going to learn from the DVDs will actually come in handy,” she wrote.

Along with her blog post, Lindsay also posted a video of herself trying out the firestarter Grylls had sent her. A jar full of urine was placed prominently in the foreground, a reference to the meme that made Grylls popular on Reddit.

Redditors commenting on the post were envious, but generally agreed that Lindsay was the perfect recipient for Grylls’ gift.

“I knew he'd give his giftee his gerber knives! Looks like you were an appropriate giftee for Bear as well. :) Lucky dude!” wrote ohhoe.

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