Tove Lo’s NSFW music video ‘Fairy Dust’ flagged on YouTube for sexual content

tove lo fairy dust

Screengrab via Tove Lo/Vevo


Swedish singer Tove Lo’s new 30-minute music video, Fairy Dust, has been age-restricted on YouTube, apparently for violating sexual content guidelines

The video features five tracks from her latest album, Lady Wood, interconnected by a storyline involving a car crash and a glass casket, among other things. There are scenes in which Lo and Free the Nipple‘s Lina Esco are physical on a bed and in a club, but both remain clothed. 

Lo, who had a hit with 2013’s “Habits (Stay High),” laughed it off on Twitter. 

While the film explores sexual desire and toxic relationships, the offending scene appears to be the end credits, where Lo masturbates on a bed, still clothed. Lo told Entertainment Weekly that a second volume would debut in 2017. 

You can watch it age-restricted on YouTube or on Vevo


Audra Schroeder

Audra Schroeder

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