Julia Stiles plays an escort in new YouTube series “Blue”

Good news: Julia Stiles is back to acting. Bad news: It’s not a sequel to Save the Last Dance.

Stiles is starring in a new YouTube-based show called “Blue,” where she plays an escort. It’s on a YouTube-based women-centric network called Wigs, as finally ladies are getting a network dedicated to them.

In the show, which runs about eight minutes in length, Stiles (who goes by the name Blue because it sounds like blow, I guess) takes a secret second job as an escort to garner extra money to send her son to a better school. But—drama!— her son suspects of her extracurricular activities and people from her past come into her life, Blue must try her best to conceal her secret.

The show, which totally isn’t just a cheap(er) knock-off of Lifetime’s The Client List, will premiere its first 12 episodes over the next three weeks. It stars other alleged actors like Kathleen Quinlan and David Harbour. But, the always great Jeanne Tripplehorn from Big Love is in it, so that’s redeeming.

This is the third show to premiere on Wigs since the channel’s debut in May. Other shows include “Jan,” starring Virginia Madsen and “Serena,” a short film featuring Jennifer Garner.

Watch party, anyone?

Photo via YouTube

Jordan Valinsky

Jordan Valinsky

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