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15 hilarious women you need to follow on Twitter

Enjoy, follow, fave, retweet, do you.


Eve Peyser


Posted on Aug 4, 2015   Updated on May 28, 2021, 5:47 am CDT

Despite what Christopher Hitchens says, ladies can be funny too. Crazy, right?

In fact I follow a lot of funny women on Twitter who should have more followers than they do. Here are some Daily Dot selects—hilarious women with (seemingly) great politics who have less than 15,000 followers. Enjoy, follow, fave, retweet, do you.

1) Grace Spelman (@GraceSpelman)

Who: Grace Spelman is a staff writer for BuzzFeed.

Sample line: “I’ve started talking to my plants AKA I’m turning into the quirky aunt I always knew I’d be” 

2) black frances ha (@imbobswaget)

Who: Freelance writer.

Sample line: “can you imagine having to send dick pics via carrier pigeons like they had to do in victorian times your dick pic just flapping in the wind”

3) Akilah Hughes (@AkilahObviously)

Who: Brooklyn-based comedian and writer.

Sample line: “What if there were furries during Shakespeare’s time?”

4) Aria Dean (@lol_prosciutto)

Who: Los Angeles-based writer and artist.

Sample line: “if capitalism is the enemy, i guess im like rlly into keep your friends close and your enemies closer”

5) Julia (@becauseimjewish)

Who: New York-based comedian.

Sample line: “Today my therapist told me to stop hating all men because ‘all human beings suffer’ and I was like ‘nah fam'”

6) Zoë Klar (@zoeklar)

Who: Co-founder of Lady Parts magazine.

Sample line: “replying ‘maybe’ is so brave” 

7) Gabby Bess (@seemstween)

Who: Multi-media artist and writer.

Sample line: “nothing tastes as good as praise from random strangers on the internet feels”

8) Jena Friedman (@JenaFriedman)

Who: Standup comedian, field producer for the Daily Show

Sample line: “What if the whole entertainment industry knew Bill Cosby was a serial rapist in the 70s, 80s & 90s but pretended that they didn’t until now?”

9) Shannon O’Neill (@spotastic)

Who: Artistic director of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City and can be seen on the Chris Gethard Show, Broad City, and Man Seeking Woman.

Sample line: “I’ve seen Sharknado, but not Sharknado 2, will I understand Sharknado 3?” 

10) Alexis Wilkinson (@OhGodItsAlexis)

Who: Writer for Veep.

Sample line: “you think ‘you can’t turn a ho into a housewife’ but i thought you can’t make a human man out of garbage and yet here you are”

11) melissa c rocha (@melisshious)

Who: Rocha puts on a monthly scrappy show, Treat Yourselfand programs for the Strong Female Lead film series. You can watch her sketches here.

Sample line: “‘I’m still here.’ -Quentin Tarantino’s chin”

12) Dana Schwartz (@DanaSchwartzzz)

Who: The brains behind the wildly hilarious Twitter accounts @GuyInYourMFA and @DystopianYA.

Sample line: “Tweeting about losing followers is like when a standup makes a joke about how badly he’s bombing. it just makes everyone uncomfortable”

13) Alicia Eler (@AliciaEler)

Who: Alicia Eler is a queer writer who edits ART21 magazine, contributes to the Guardian and Hyperallergic, and splits her time between Los Angeles and New York City.

Sample line: “Affective labor is the way to my heart. I desire your production”

14) Jenny Jaffe (@jennyjaffe)

Who: The founder of mental health nonprofit, Project UR OK.

Sample line: “Can you imagine if they made poopless dogs? How popular would dogs be then??”

15) Nicole Drespel (@nicolemtherese)

Who: Nicole is an actor and teacher at the UCB Theatre. 

Sample line: “‘There’s Taylor Swift the person and then there’s Taylor Swift the institution’ – some B drunk on rosè, also me to @kaileeayyar last night”

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Illustration by Max Fleishman

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*First Published: Aug 4, 2015, 10:50 am CDT