An ethernet cord with the American flag on it.

These states have the ‘worst’ broadband 

Additionally, the report found that availability of low-priced broadband plans 'remains low' across the U.S.

On May 14, 2023 by Andrew Wyrich

FTC Chairwoman Lina Khan.

FTC chair warns AI can ‘turbocharge’ fraud and discrimination

'We won’t hesitate to use the full scope of our legal authorities to protect Americans from these threats.'

On Apr 30, 2023 by Andrew Wyrich

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17 million households have signed up for the FCC’s affordable broadband program

The agency said it has made 'a series of enhancements' to help people sign up for the program.

On Apr 12, 2023 by Andrew Wyrich

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The FCC is trying to boost awareness about its affordable broadband program

In addition, the FCC said it will make the online application process easier. 

On Mar 19, 2023 by Andrew Wyrich

The keyboard is split by the cracks that separate the opposites.

Comments flood in as FCC seeks to fight digital discrimination and broadband disparities 

More than 700 comments from various organizations came in.

On Feb 26, 2023 by Andrew Wyrich

Gigi Sohn

Big telecom called out for attacks and delay of Biden’s FCC nominee

'This position remains vacant because the companies that are lawfully subject to oversight by the FCC don't want a watchdog.'

On Feb 19, 2023 by Andrew Wyrich

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High-income areas pay less for broadband service, report finds 

Average household income is 'a strong predictor of broadband pricing.'

On Feb 7, 2023 by Andrew Wyrich

FTC Chairwoman Lina Khan.

The FTC clearly has its sights set on data privacy

Even more data privacy enforcement looks like it is on the horizon.

On Jan 15, 2023 by Andrew Wyrich

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Advocacy groups to Senate: ‘Enough is enough’ with delays on a vote on Biden’s FCC pick

If confirmed, Sohn would have an immediate impact at the FCC. 

On Jan 8, 2023 by Andrew Wyrich

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It’ll soon be easier to see if your broadband provider sucks

Broadband 'nutrition labels' are coming.

On Nov 30, 2022 by Andrew Wyrich