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Man tries to distract his children during Gaza bombings in YouTube video—he died 2 days later

'Don’t worry, OK? Keep playing.'

On May 16, 2021 by Rachel Kiley

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There’s a thriving tech startup scene in a most unlikely place

The emergent startup scene in Gaza is disrupting stereotypes and impacting the global economy.

On Feb 7, 2017 by Ryan Sturgill

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Pro-Palestine hackers fund charities with stolen Israeli credit cards

The war between Israel and online activists wages on.

On Apr 7, 2015 by Dell Cameron

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I am a Muslim woman who wears a hijab every day—and this is what it’s like

A social experiment can't compare to the experience of those who live it.

On Mar 6, 2015 by Ala Ahmad

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Banksy filmed himself sneaking into Gaza to paint new artwork

'If we wash our hands of the conflict ... we don't remain neutral.'

On Feb 26, 2015 by Dell Cameron

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Doctor launches campaign to rebuild Gaza’s only school for kids with disabilities

Gaza's only school for disabled children was destroyed last year.

On Feb 12, 2015 by Dell Cameron

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The 15 days the Internet wasn’t paying attention to Gaza

This is what "normal" looks like.

On Aug 25, 2014 by [email protected]

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Seth Rogen and Arnold Schwarzenegger face blowback for pro-Israel statement

Can we send these celebs into cease-fire negotiations?

On Aug 24, 2014 by Miles Klee

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Palestinians teach Ferguson protesters how to deal with tear gas

Two unlikely communities connect. 

On Aug 14, 2014 by Taylor Hatmaker

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Dad explains why he took his Call of Duty-obsessed kids to a real war zone

"If I showed them a silhouette of an MP5 Heckler and Koch they would tell me right away what it was. And that started worrying me."

On Aug 12, 2014 by Dennis Scimeca

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What the divide between Israel and Palestine looks like on the Internet

On social media, we’re not seeing different viewpoints, but rather more of the same.

On Aug 8, 2014 by [email protected]

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This Kickstarter for condoms is trying to piggyback on conflict in Gaza

"Protect against rockets. Protect against STDs."

On Aug 7, 2014 by EJ Dickson

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The deadly errors of Google Maps directions in Palestine

When following the blue line can cost you your life.

On Aug 7, 2014 by Jonathan Brown

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The Google Play store is swarming with games about bombing Gaza

First up, there’s BombGaza, a well-reviewed app that puts you in the cockpit of an Israeli jet flying low over Gaza’s rooftops.

On Aug 4, 2014 by Miles Klee

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Israel reportedly spied on John Kerry’s Mideast peace phone calls

All is fair in love and war, apparently.

On Aug 4, 2014 by Dell Cameron