worker speaking with caption 'Lock your account' (l) Equifax in magnifying glass view on screen (c) worker speaking holding Equifax paper with caption 'Lock your account' (r)

‘Lock your account’: Employer used The Work Number to find out employee has 3 jobs at the same time, fires her

‘I’m tired of companies having all this access to our lives as if they own us.’

On Apr 27, 2023 by Jack Alban

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U.S. indicts Chinese military members in infamous Equifax breach

William Barr said the ‘scale of the theft was staggering.’

On Feb 10, 2020 by Andrew Wyrich

Hundred dollar bills and credit cards

Librarian successfully sued Equifax for data breach, awarded $600

It was a symbolic victory.

On Jun 14, 2018 by Christina Bonnington

equifax lock and alert app

Equifax releases new security app to win back trust, fails miserably

The company is just one endless spinning wheel of death.

On Feb 1, 2018 by Phillip Tracy

equifax credit reporting cyberattach data breach

Equifax reportedly ignored warnings months before catastrophic data breach

Personal data from every customer was left out in the open.

On Oct 26, 2017 by Phillip Tracy

equifax flash download hack virus crapware

Equifax page taken offline after what appears to be another hack

A fake Flash update could be spreading adware.

On Oct 12, 2017 by Phillip Tracy

Person dressed as Uncle Moneybags Monopoly man watches Equifax Congressional hearing

We talked with the ‘Monopoly Man’ who photobombed the Equifax-Senate hearings

The ‘Monopoly Man’ might not be done with Congress just yet.

On Oct 5, 2017 by David Britton

The Trump administration is reportedly looking into replacing Social Security numbers as an identifier.

Trump administration looks to replace Social Security numbers as IDs after Equifax hack

Different options are being explored.

On Oct 4, 2017 by Andrew Wyrich

equifax credit reporting company

Equifax scores $7.25 million IRS contract despite security woes

Politicians are demanding answers from the tax agency.

On Oct 4, 2017 by Phillip Tracy

equifax credit reporting company cyberattack

Equifax’s CEO steps down after cyberattack hits 143 million customers

The credit reporting company is already searching for a new leader.

On Sep 26, 2017 by Phillip Tracy

Three men face palming

Equifax has been sending people to a fake phishing site for weeks

Seriously, Equifax???

On Sep 20, 2017 by Christina Bonnington

The Justice Department, headed by Jeff Sessions, is reportedly looking into Equifax stock trading before announcing its enormous data hack

Equifax stock sales reportedly prompt DOJ investigation

Equifax’s stock has fallen 35 percent since the disclosure of the hack.

On Sep 18, 2017 by Andrew Wyrich

Elizabeth Warren

Here’s what Elizabeth Warren’s battle with Equifax means for you

Want to freeze your credit for free? Warren’s bill would make that possible.

On Sep 15, 2017 by Andrew Wyrich

Man using bot to sue Equifax

The Equifax-suing chatbot is more trouble than it’s worth

Data compromised? There’s a better way to take legal action.

On Sep 13, 2017 by Andrew Couts

Man pointing at Equifax website on laptop

Equifax’s ‘help’ website may be costing people their right to sue

You may be forfeiting your right to file a class action lawsuit against the company.

On Sep 8, 2017 by Phillip Tracy

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