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Creepers rejoice! Reddit now available for Google Glass

Malcolm Nguyen's Reddit Timeline brings all that NSFW content back to work.


Fidel Martinez


Posted on May 3, 2013   Updated on Jun 1, 2021, 4:53 pm CDT

Because clearly this is a thing that needed to happen, a Glass Explorer has a new app for the Google device that lets users browse Reddit.

Called Reddit Timeline, the new app will allow users to view the top 25 posts from your front page on Glass, with a new bundle updated every hour. Glass users can upvote the latest GIF from r/thanksobama, or downvote whatever content you vehemently disagree with because it goes against whatever worldview you currently hold. The app also reads comments out loud to you and lets you share content you created to r/creepshots or whatever new name the subsection is going by nowadays.

Malcolm Nguyen, the Sacramento, Calif., developer who created Reddit Timeline, says he got the idea by sitting and procrastinating at his desk.

“So I go to work today, and think to myself, today i’m going to be productive employee, attend a few meetings, make that deadline, commit some code, but NOPE, gotta click all those Reddit links,” Nguyen writes on his Google+ page. “Then there’s Glass, with no compelling reason to use while at the office or work, it sits tucked away inside the desk drawer.”

“That’s all about to change, because now you can get pictures of cats and memes and _gonewild beamed directly to your face without anyone suspecting a thing.”

It’s very telling that Nguyen chose to mention r/gonewild, the subreddit in which exhibitionist redditors flaunt their naked bodies. After all, who wouldn’t want to have the ability to look at NSFW content while at work?

Though we haven’t tried Reddit Timeline yet—Google didn’t like what we wrote in our application—we imagine that users blink their left eye to upvote a post, blink their right eye to downvote it, and look down at their junk if they want to get permanently banned from r/shitredditsays.

Illustration by Jason Reed

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*First Published: May 3, 2013, 7:51 am CDT