9 Craigslist users trying to get laid during Winter Storm Nemo


Baby, it’s cold outside.

Winter Storm Nemo is barreling down on the Northeast, ready to bury Boston and New York in feet of snow. While most people are preparing for the horrors of a three day weekend by tweeting about it ad nauseam, others have a better idea.

They’re getting laid.

Search through the personals section on Craigslist and you’ll find that Nemo is clearly the most powerful aphrodisiac to ever sweep down off the churning brine of the North Atlantic

So without further ado, here are a bunch of people in New York and Boston who could really use your help this weekend. 

This should probably go without saying when it comes to Craigslist personals, but some of these posts include NSFW images.

1) He has his own place

2) He’ll even let you see his baby pictures


3) Compelling sales pitch


4) Reply “slave”

5) Snow boobs

6) Sub-zero watersports

7) Couch

8) Likes butts

9) Butt

Photo by Shanon Wise/Flickr

Kevin Morris

Kevin Morris

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