We want to believe in this ‘Welcome to Night Vale’ movie trailer

Mysterious lights over the Arby’s? Check. Faceless woman in your house? Check. Disappearing townspeople and menacing glowing clouds?

It’s all in a routine day for the small desert town of Night Vale. But seeing the hit podcast, Welcome to Night Vale, envisioned as a feature film makes it all a bit more eerie—and awesome.

YouTube fan Vittoria Maul has pooled together a brilliant montage of footage from other supernatural stories, including some wry homages to Supernatural itself, to make this fabulous full trailer for what we think should be Lionsgate’s next big picture. While some of what you might expect is missing—namely Night Vale‘s erstwhile narrator, Cecil Gershwin-Palmer, and his perfect paramour Carlos—their absence only serves to highlight the spooky ensemble cast of weirdness that makes Night Vale great. (Also, bonus points for Kevin from SPN popping up as one of the dead interns. Seriously, that’s just cruel.)

Coming to theaters in 2015?

We want to believe.

Screengrab via YouTube

Aja Romano

Aja Romano

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