Thrift store shopper finds sweater with tag 'made by grandma with love'

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‘The way I would never let go of something like this’: Thrift store shopper finds sweater with emotional tag inside

‘So much love reduced to $10.49.’


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Posted on Dec 11, 2023   Updated on Dec 11, 2023, 4:15 pm CST

From chemotherapy coffee mugs to boxes full of old recipes, thrift shoppers have revealed their most emotional finds on TikTok. Recently, a knit sweater with an emotional clothing tag has viewers making heartbreaking predictions about its origin. 

In a viral video, user Izabela (@grandmanosejob) shows the sweater, going for $10.49, hanging on a clothing rack. Sewn inside the sweater’s collar was a blue tag with the words, “Made by grandma with love” beside a picture of a frog.

“Which one of you dropped this off at the thrift store,” the video’s text display read. It has been viewed 3.8 million times since it was first posted on Dec. 3. 

“I am an optimist. the grandma is the one who drops items at the thrift store, just so people can wear her sweaters made with love,” one user guessed.

Other viewers speculated that the sweater might not have been made by someone’s grandmother at all. “I saw a girl sewing these tags onto the clothes she was gonna donate to a thrift store lmao,” user @kissingabel claimed.

Tags like the one found inside the sweater can reportedly be found on Amazon, according to another user.

@grandmanosejob Made by GRANDMA? With LOVE?😭😭😭😭😭 #fyp ♬ Margaret – Lana Del Rey

Many viewers rejected the idea of donating such an item, saying they would prefer to keep it for the rest of their lives, while others argued over the sentimentality of keeping something like that forever. 

“Maybe grandma passed away and they couldn’t look at it anymore,” one guessed. 

“Some people just aren’t sentimental lol,” another observed. “Like they love them but they don’t hold onto things.” 

“I’m 23 years old and still have the blanket my nana crocheted for me when i was born, even though its pink,” user @trixare4leftists wrote.

Others shared their stories of emotional thrift store finds. “I once found a scarf with the tag still on it saying something like ‘I hope this keeps you warm when hiking -grandma,” another user revealed.

“I found this Angelina ballerina book at a thrift store that had a birthday note written in it from grandparents and I bought it for my daughter,” a parent said. 

This isn’t the first time a shopper has found an emotional tag inside a thrift store item. Last month, a TikToker found a sweater with the tag “2 my soulmate,” though it seems viewers did not find it as heartwarming, calling the sweater “cursed.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Izabela via email.

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*First Published: Dec 11, 2023, 5:30 pm CST