buildings and street (background) '6:41pm EST I heard what sounded like rapid gunfire but was unsure... I live .5 mile from Schemengees' (inset)


‘I never would think this would happen in Maine’: Woman records gunfire just as mass shooting in Lewiston begins—you can hear it half a mile away (updated)

‘I still feel like this whole thing is a nightmare.’


Ramon Ramirez


A mass shooting on Wednesday has left at least 22 dead and 60 wounded after a firearms instructor with reported mental health issues opened fire in a Lewiston, Maine bowling alley and bar. Online, a TikToker claims she recorded the shooting as it occurred around 7:15 pm ET despite standing half a mile away from the location, Schemengees Bar and Grille.

“I live half a mile from Schemengees bar in Lewiston, ME. Suspicious of the sound, I started recording. Is this what it sounds like? I am shocked this happened in our community. My thoughts are with everyone affected by this tragedy,” user @siengee wrote in a viral video that’s garnered more than 647,000 views since it was posted six hours ago. The TikTok geotag posted alongside the video seems to confirm the user’s location.

The Daily Dot reached out to the user via TikTok comment.

According to the Daily Mail, the shooter Robert Card spent two weeks in a mental health facility this summer and reported hearing voices in his head. According to CBS News, he was in the U.S. Army Reserve. Card, a 40-year-old man from Bowdoin, Maine, remains at-large.

According to the New York Post, Card targeted Schemengees co-owner Kathy Lebel. She told the Lewiston Sun-Journal that it was “just a fun night playing cornhole. … It’s the last thing you’re expecting, right? I still feel like this whole thing is a nightmare.”

@siengee’s TikTok video is full of distraught thoughts from locals.

@siengee I live half a mile from Schemengees bar in Lewiston, ME. Suspicious of the sound, I started recording. Is this what it sounds like? I am shocked this happened in our community. My thoughts are with everyone affected by this tragedy. #lewistonmaine #lewiston #maine #Schemengees #robertcard ♬ original sound – siengee

“I’m so sorry. I’m a high school teacher in berwick Maine and school is cancelled today. I’m at a loss, I don’t know how to cope even at my distance,” user @Jaden commented.

“It’s echoing so it sounds like more,” user @continually_whelmed wrote, describing the audio.

“I can’t imagine. I know it can happen anywhere in this country but never thought it’d be peaceful maine,” @siengee replied to another user, adding in another comment: “My hometown is Lisbon but I live in Lewiston where this video was taken.”

“Stay safe. Stay alert. Stay strong. #MEStrong #LewistonStron,” user @Linzi wrote.

On social media, Schemengees posted five hours ago on Facebook: “My heart is crushed. I am at a loss for words. In a split second your world gets turn upside down for no good reason. We loss great people in this community. How can we make any sense of this. Sending out prayers to everyone.”

Its previous post indicated that it was celebrating “Industry Night” on Wednesday, typically when service industry workers can come in for discounted rates. Here, the bar promised a 25% discount. It was also reportedly youth bowling night.

Update Oct. 26, 10:57am CT: The TikToker has responded to a request for comment:

I was made aware that we live by a police shooting range so I was unsure if the time stamps matched the incident or if this could possibly be the shooting range?

I wouldn’t think the police would be shooting at night. 

I was outside at 6:41 when I heard the noises and was suspicious. The shots sounded like too many to be a random shooting. The thought of a mass shooting ran through my head for a second but I chalked it up to me being paranoid. I know it can happen anywhere but I never would have suspected that’s what I could possibly be hearing. I recorded to send it to a friend and ask if it was gunshots but I thought I was overreacting, so I didn’t.  I thought about calling it into the police station but couldn’t tell where it was coming from and I didn’t want to be that idiot calling in fire crackers.  

1 hour later, I heard of the horror that was unfolding all over town and thought the video might be related… like the grim reaper’s symphony. 

I have been to Schemengees. It’s a cute, laid back pool hall with a bar and food. I have also been to the bowling alley. 

Lewiston has a bad reputation but it’s not warranted. It’s not nearly as bad as people will have you believe. I mourn for not only the people lost and injured, but for the loss of safety we always felt in little ol’ Maine. 

I am terrified to find out if I know any of the victims. 

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