Woman's apartment burns down a month after posting 'apartment tour'


‘I woke up surrounded by flames’: Tenant’s apartment catches fire after she posted ‘apartment tour’

‘It’s only up from here.’


Grace Fowler


A TikTok influencer went viral after posting a video about her apartment in New York City catching on fire while she was asleep at night. She had previously posted a new apartment tour just a month before the incident.

Kelsey’s video (@kelseysoles) has reached over 1.5 million views on TikTok as of Sunday afternoon and she has been updating her 1.3 million followers since the night after the incident.


My apt burned down last night life is gooooood

♬ original sound – Kelsey Soles

Kelsey explains in the video how she’s in shock because her apartment was on fire while she was sleeping, “so I woke up surrounded by flames,” she says. “I was going around my apartment, trying to find stuff to save,” she adds. Kelsey told viewers in the comment section, “Everything I own is gone but who needs stuff?”

“It’s only up from here,” she says.

In a second video, Kelsey explains that the fire was electrical. “I don’t know the exact cause,” she says, “It was where my Wi-Fi was plugged into and an extension cord plugged into that.” She then says that the scariest part was that “where the fire started, I had two cans of paint from when I painted my apartment, and paint is so flammable.”

“It would have literally been an explosion,” she says.

She tells viewers that “I think a bit of comedic relief was that there was one really cute firefighter that was helping me put out the fire.” She explains how he helped her find a pair of shoes to wear and he handed her a new pair of 3-inch wedges. “I was in my pajamas and glasses.”

In another video, she tells the viewers: “I’m lucky I got out when I did, right now I think I’m just home sick, because I want to be home and I don’t have my home, but I’m lucky to have friends and family around that I can stay with.”

“Just seeing your comments make me feel a lot better, so just positive thoughts and vibes,” she adds.

Kelsey responded to a comment that said “Any update on insurance covering the damages?” she says “so far insurance has been an absolute nightmare and they haven’t even gone into my apartment yet.”

“It’s been over a week,” she says, “Everything is just rotting and sitting in filth.”

Kelsey’s friends have started a GoFundMe and have asked for any donations or kind words.

Kelsey did not respond to a request for comment from the Daily Dot via direct message.

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