Man under bed(l), Airbnb app on phone(c), Man being arrested by two police(r)

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‘New fear unlocked’: Airbnb host finds man hiding under bed when cleaning his rental

‘Definitely know the first thing I’m checking when I rent an air bnb!!!!’


Stacy Fernandez


An Airbnb host called the police after finding a man hiding under a bed on his property. Viewers are conflicted about how he handled the situation, stating they would have been much more scared than he was.

In the initial TikTok, which has over 3 million views, a dark figure is seen under a short metal bed frame. The man is seemingly using his phone, which he has plugged into the wall to charge. There is also a small orange lighter propped up next to him.

“Hey, you gotta get out from under the bed, bro,” Luis Lopez (@ricanluis) calmly tells him as he films from right outside the bedroom.

Lopez explains that he discovered the hidden man when he went to clean his Airbnb to get it ready for the next guest.

The man ignores Lopez and doesn’t leave, so he calls the police to help with the situation. When the police arrive, they lift the bedframe, fully revealing the man, forcefully flip him on his stomach, and cuff his arms behind his back before standing him up.

Lopez then asks the man how he got in and why he was there, pointing out that he wasn’t the guest who rented from them the night before. But the man, who’s dressed in all black, remains silent.

@ricanluis When i go to clean my Airbnb and get it ready for my next guest & we notice something strange under the bed!!#fyp #viralvideo #creepyhomelessguyunderbed ♬ original sound – Luis Lopez

“I’m not gonna press charges, but I just wanna know what’s going on,” Lopez says. “I need to know because this is a business. This is my Airbnb, so I need to know. Because if somebody gave you the code to the door, I need to know.”

He then asks the man who trespassed a few ‘yes or no’ questions and found out that the Airbnb guest who was just there had let him in. He spent the night in the home, and the guest told him he could stay in the house after he checked out.

@ricanluis #fyp #viralvideo #creepyhomelessguyunderbed #copsinvolved#airbnb ♬ original sound – Luis Lopez

In a follow-up, Lopez explains that he didn’t press charges because the man didn’t break in, but did get a trespassing order so the man doesn’t return.

“So how can I press charges on this guy and say that he broke into my house? That would be a lie, and I would just be harming somebody for fun for no reason,” Lopez notes. “… If he doesn’t come back, no harm, no foul.”

He shares that he’s in contact with the Airbnb renter to sort out the situation. In a comment, he added that he knows why the renter let the man in but “it’s too crazy to post here.”

@ricanluis About the guy under my Airbnb bed#fyp #viralvideo #airbnb #reactions ♬ original sound – Luis Lopez

Combined, the videos have well over 1,000 comments.

“New fear unlocked,” a top comment read.

“You’re not pressing charges? You have no idea what his intentions were. That’s scary,” a person questioned.

“Wow ur a really good person to [not] press charges and hope that boy can understand the lesson,” another wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office for comment via email and to Lopez via TikTok direct message and comment.

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