woman holding bag of Cheetos caption 'DoorDash left us a foodshaming message in our bag' (l) note written on index card on wood and glass table 'An (apple drawing) a day keeps the doctor away !! (smile emoji)' caption'DoorDash left us a foodshaming message in our bag' (c) woman speaking with hand out next to wood and glass table with note and food caption 'DoorDash left us a foodshaming message in our bag' (r)


‘If you’re delivering someone’s food, why are you going to be judging them?’: Customer claims DoorDash deliverer left a fat-shaming note about their food (updated)

'Why even leave the note????!!!!'


Alexandra Samuels


Posted on Sep 15, 2022   Updated on Sep 15, 2022, 3:25 pm CDT

Update 3:23pm CT, Sept. 15: A DoorDash spokesperson told the Daily Dot it routinely includes “thank you notes with DashMart orders in our efforts to surprise and delight customers.”

“Unfortunately, this customer mistakenly received the wrong note that was intended to be included with another order. We sincerely apologize for this mix up,” the spokesperson said, adding that the company is reaching out to Marina’s girlfriend “to make things right.”

Original story: A TikToker is putting DoorDash on blast after a delivery driver allegedly left an unsavory note in their order commenting on their food.

The video, posted by user @awkwardmarina, already has over 10,000 views. 

In the almost minute-long clip, Marina, 26, says that her disabled girlfriend “who has digestive issues” ordered junk food off the app—including a bag of Cheetos, a box of Delimex taquitos, and a Dr. Pepper. 

But alongside with their food, Marina says the driver left a note with their delivery reading: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” In her video, Marina calls the note “very passive-aggressive.”

Marina clarifies the order was placed through DoorDash’s DashMart, which, according to a 2020 press release “is a … type of convenience store, offering both household essentials and local restaurant favorites to our customers’ doorsteps.”

@awkwardmarina @DoorDash this is appalling. #doordash #foodshaming #fatphobia #mean #ableism #digestivehealth ♬ As It Was – Harry Styles

“This is food-shaming as fuck, fatphobic as fuck, ableist as fuck, and just so inappropriate,” says Marina, who spoke on behalf of her girlfriend. “If you’re delivering someone’s food, why are you going to be judging them?”

She finishes the video by saying that her girlfriend is looking to gain weight. 

“This may look like junk food to you,” she says, “but … this is what her body needs right now.”

Of course, it didn’t take long for commenters and followers to lambast the driver. The top comment on the video, with over 200 likes, reads: “Why even leave the note????!!!!” Other people tagged DoorDash’s TikTok account directly.

“It would’ve literally taken them zero effort to just not leave that note,” one user said.

“I just… I can’t even believe this is real. Please say it isn’t,” another TikToker wrote, to which Marina responded: “Bruh I wish I was lying.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Marina via TikTok and DoorDash via email.

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*First Published: Sep 15, 2022, 9:14 am CDT