The Internet’s Queer Era

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The internet’s queer era

Online has always been a place where you can be unapologetically queer, but it feels like these days, the internet is gayer than ever. Maybe that’s because Gen Z—which has higher percentages of people who identify as LGBTQ than previous generations—has a critical mass on apps like TikTok and Instagram. But the acceptance that Gen Z has for its own queerness has certainly affected millennials, another generation that came out alongside their favorite internet celebs.

In these stories, the Daily Dot explores online spaces where queer people congregate, from Instagram meme pages to YouTube to Nigeria’s equivalent of Reddit. No matter where, the internet proves that queer people are never alone in our experiences, our hardships, and our joy.

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That ‘L Word’ Sapphic Friend Group You’re Looking for is on Instagram
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How the Internet Saved Me as a Queer Nigerian Man
Gay YouTubers
Coming out, growing up, and staying cute in YouTube’s gay era

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