PRIDE 2024

So far in 2024, almost 600 bills targeting the LGBTQ community have been introduced in federal and state legislatures in the U.S. Such a staggeringly high number, which nearly surpasses all the anti-trans bills introduced during the entirety of 2023, represents how mainstream transphobia and homophobia have become.

That widespread prejudice has a far-reaching impact, especially in schools: Queerphobic parents are mocking public schools that celebrate Pride Month, and queer teachers are scared to come out to their students—even if those students are gay themselves.

But queer joy persists. It’s celebrated in enclaves of states with Don’t Say Gay laws, and many LGBTQ teachers are out and proud. Plus, public schools are forging ahead with Pride celebrations despite taunting from factions of parents. Even Corporate Pride, which is the butt of many a joke and holds a new resonance now that some companies have been scared out of advertising Pride-themed partnerships, marches on.

These stories remind us that the LGBTQ community is resilient and always will be—with or without the support of companies, lawmakers, or fair weather allies.

-Tricia Crimmins, Senior Reporter

Written by Tricia Crimmins, Rachel Kiley, Maya Wray, and Mark Williams
Art by Jason Reed

The Daily Dot