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kayden clarke youtube video Transgender community reacts to police shooting death of 24-year-old Kayden Clarke
Clarke claimed to be fed up with gender therapists who tried to 'fix' his autism instead of helping him transition.
gay church LGBT youth group crowdfunds campaign to buy notoriously anti-gay church
Celebrities and activists are promoting #HarlemNoHate to strike back against the church.
photo of a woman's legs and on her skin is a transgender symbol tattoo Hard Rock Hotel security accused of transphobic bathroom incident at AVN Awards
Who gets to decide whether someone's using the 'right' bathroom?
illustration of studs terkel Exclusive: listen to Studs Terkel on gay rights in newly unearthed interview
'The homosexual people are really no different from the rest of us.'
schoolkids wearing rainbow backpacks Hollywood's teens are coming out over social media
Disney star Rowan Blanchard just came out as queer.