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abstract art of lgbt triangle Trans teen dies after posting suicide note to Tumblr
Skylar Lee's death reminds us that too many LGBT teens are suffering.
The TSA's discriminatory policies on trans people are even worse than you think
For transgender travelers, routine screenings at the airport are a routine nightmare.
Androgenous model in a tank top holding a football Androgynous models are the new stars of New York Fashion Week
Sometimes the best man for the job is a manly woman.
illustration of caitlyn jenner Here's why Caitlyn Jenner is so terrified of being sent to a men's prison
Forget 'Orange Is the New Black.' For transgender women, prison is even worse.
cracked iphone screen showing a lady on a bed Transgender man is second LGBT person sentenced for revenge porn in U.K.
The new U.K. revenge porn law has already been used to prosecute two LGBT defendants.
caitlyn jenner getting dressed Caitlyn Jenner is not a perfect LGBT rights advocate
And neither are any of us.