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illustration of caitlyn jenner Earth to Wendy Williams: Transphobia is not a hot topic
Caitlyn Jenner and trans women like her deserve respect.
Coming out online is a new first step before coming out IRL
From Facebook to LiveJournal and everything in between.
Mark Zuckerberg More than 70 human rights groups tell Facebook to change its 'real name' policy
The groups say Facebook's policy exposes users to danger and disrespects their identities.
Breast Cancer Awareness Month is failing those who need it most
Here's who gets left out of the campaign every October.
abstract art of lgbt triangle Trans teen dies after posting suicide note to Tumblr
Skylar Lee's death reminds us that too many LGBT teens are suffering.
The TSA's discriminatory policies on trans people are even worse than you think
For transgender travelers, routine screenings at the airport are a routine nightmare.