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FCC and FTC logos on either side of an iPhone with an exclamation point on its screen FCC and FTC studying how mobile carriers and device makers issue security updates
The federal agencies want to know how quickly companies patch flaws that could put you at risk.
capitol building with cash bags and the fcc logo to its side No Rate Regulation of Broadband Internet Act: Could this bill neuter net neutrality?
Critics say the FCC's powers are on the chopping block.
undefined FCC chairman backs Charter-Time Warner Cable merger—but conditions rankle agency's critics
The head of the FCC says he's trying to protect consumers. His critics say he's making a power grab.
Television on train tracks Comcast Xfinity app will get rid of need for cable box
Back in my day, we had to rent out a box to watch TV.
fcc logo with internet cables snaking around it FCC votes to subsidize Internet for low-income Americans and craft broadband privacy rules
The agency says its two controversial plans will protect and empower consumers.